WOLF LAKE: The Complete Series coming to DVD from Eone
Sep 2012 19
From creator John Leekley (SPAWN, KINDRED: THE EMBRACED), the cult hit series that kickstarted the young adult fantasy genre on television finally comes to DVD with all-new special features produced by Urban Archipelago Films.

WOLF LAKE: The Complete Series arrives in stores on November 6, packed with never before seen content including the unaired pilot episode of the series with commentary tracks from creator John Leekley and director Rupert Wainwright (STIGMATA, THE FOG).

Also included in this release is an all-new behind the scenes documentary directed by Roger Lay Jr which sheds new light on the show’s origins, the making of the unaired pilot and un-produced episode ideas. The documentary also features new interviews with series creator / executive producer John Leekley and actor Paul Wesley (VAMPIRE DIARIES, 24). The complete series collection is now available for pre-order.