About Us

Urban Archipelago Films has been creating innovative content for film, television, web and home entertainment for over a decade. Some of our clients and partners include CBS Home Entertainment, Eone Entertainment, The Goddard Group, Lightning Entertainment and Video Services Corp.

Roger Lay, Jr. – Founder, Urban Archipelago Films

Roger Lay, Jr. studied film and television production at the University of South­ern California’s School of Cinema-Television, and The Los Angeles Film School. He began his career working for the production staff of the hit television series, Everybody Loves Raymond.

His producing credits include: HBO/ThinkFilm’s 95 Miles To Go starring Ray Romano, as well as the sci-fi feature, Chrysalis, based on the short story by acclaimed author Ray Bradbury, and honored with the Best Feature Award at the International Horror and Science Fic­tion Film Festival. Roger has served as a segment producer for the annual Los Angeles Holiday Celebration on PBS, and has produced and directed music videos and promotional pieces for such clients as eOne, SONY/BMG, Hershey’s, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Latin, Manhattan Regional Center, Broadway 4D Theaters, and CBS Home Entertainment. He is also the Saturn Award-winning producer/director of Reunification – 25 Years After Star Trek: The Next Generation, and multiple other specials for CBS Home Entertainment, including Star Trek: Enterprise – First Crew, Wolf Lake: The Original Werewolf Saga, and Kindred: The Embraced – Last Will and Testament.

Roger is also a contributing writer for The New Ray Bradbury Review (Kent State Press). In 2011 he joined The Goddard Group, heading up the com­pany’s newly formed Film and Television production division along with Eric Carnagey, head of Business Development and Marketing at GG. Roger is currently heading up development at GG with multiple projects underway including the new one-hour science fiction drama Phoenix Rising, based on the 80s cult classic Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future.