Apr 2012 15

Tune in to this week’s episode of THE REAL STUFF for an interview with Producer/Director Roger Lay, Jr. This bi-weekly podcast series focuses on the art of documentary filmmaking featuring interviews with artists working in unscripted programming including reality shows, documentaries, and everything in between. They may not be on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, but they make some of the best shows and movies on television. Listen to the practical side of the business and hear how to get jobs and keep them. In this week’s edition Roger talks about his work in such documentary projects as RAY ROMANO’S 95 MILES TO GO (coming to DVD May 22), the award-winning indie doc THE TABLE (Available On Demand May 2) and the upcoming TOY MASTERS, a controversial new doc about the 25 year battle for credit over creating the billion dollar grossing MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE toy line from Mattel. Click here to listen.

Feb 2012 10

From the personal archives of Jerry Lewis, the original 1959 tele-film is finally available on DVD from Inception Media Group. The DVD includes an all-new documentary piece which chronicles the restoration and remastering process of the film from original color elements. Urban Archipelago Films’ Roger Lay Jr and Ana Barredo co-produced the new piece as part of the special features for the DVD release. You can order your copy now from amazon and all other major retailers.

Dec 2011 20

Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future was officially released on DVD on Tuesday December 6 and reviewers have been praising the set as well as the extensive collection of all-new special features including the feature length documentary OUT OF THE ASHES:

“The series holds up as an interesting, intelligent and exciting mix of sci-fi and adventure. It’s nice to have the series not just on DVD but in a nice set that includes a wealth of extra features as well”.

- DVD Talk

“The complete package is a labor of love from the people most responsible for the series… from top to bottom they have managed to put together one hell of a release that will not only please the diehard fan-base, but blows away the DVD presentation of many of its peers”.

- DVD Verdict

“There’s a lot to love about this show. It’s one of those series that actually works… Captain Power is exactly the sort of show that needed to find its way to DVD, and now it has! It pushed boundaries, advanced the genre, introduced some daring CG effects and defined awesome at the time…”


“Captain Power has weathered a quarter century pretty well. A program that revolutionized television production (and) managed to tell solid sci-fi stories in a format accessible to all ages… this is one of those shows you can still watch and enjoy as an adult.”

- The Digital Bits

“Can you name another TV series back in 1987 that integrated interactive effects with CGI and live action and also possessed a mature storyline with powerful writing? Believe me when I say that the feature length documentary is worth the price of the set alone, we really had no idea how much work went into the making of the series. It’s an incredibly enlightening behind the scenes look at the show with numerous interviews with the stars as well as the people who bled and sweat to bring it to us.”

- The Retroist

“One of the best Science Fiction and superhero stories of the 1980s. It was awesome!”

- Newsarama

“This complete DVD series has been long in coming. Many TV shows fade into the night and become forgotten. A show such as Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future endured because of the acting and writing involved. Here were characters that we could identify with and find compassion for…”

- Mania.com

“Out Of The Ashes is the best retrospective documentary I’ve seen since Never Sleep Again.
- Bloody Disgusting Horror Reviews

Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future The Complete Series on DVD was produced by Roger Lay, Jr. who is also working with the show’s creator Gary Goddard on a new version of this cult classic series. Stay tuned to the official Captain Power Returns website for more details.

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