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For the first time ever the original orchestral score to the sci-fi cult classic is available on limited edition CD exclusively through Goddard Film Group. Produced by Gary Goddard, Roger Lay Jr., and Eric Carnagey this special release includes an exclusive 16 page booklet with extensive liner notes featuring all-new interview material with composer Gary Guttman, creator Gary Goddard and recording sessions producer Ted King. The booklet also includes never before seen concept art from the series. Pre-orders page is now up at Screen Archives and the official Captain Power site.

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The new documentary from Urban Archipelago Films had it’s World Premiere on August 11 as part of the 2012 edition of the Fantasia International Film Festival. TOY MASTERS played to a packed house in Montreal where the screening was followed by a Q&A with filmmakers Roger Lay Jr, Corey Landis, and Robert Meyer Burnett which was moderated by Fangoria’s Editor Emeritus Tony Timpone.

The first review for the film is now up at FILM THREAT:

“The caliber of the interviewees, from people at all levels of Mattel, to J. Michael Straczyski to Filmation co-founder Lou Scheimer, is matched only by the astounding frankness of many of those interviewed. There isn’t an angle to the story that isn’t covered…
The filmmakers’ passion for the subject is evident throughout, making their decision to unobjectively include themselves in the narrative a strength rather than a weakness. While on the surface tackling a niche subject, Toy Masters goes a long way to show how something spawned, and later killed by, corporate greed can affect the lives of the many for years to come.”

Read more at FILM THREAT.
Watch filmmakers’ interview direct from the film’s premiere below:

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Urban Archipelago Films has produced a series of all-new documentaries along with hours of exclusive special features for CBS Home Entertainment’s highly anticipated release of TNG in High Definition. The complete first season is now available on Blu-ray featuring Stardate Revisited: The Origin of Star Trek The Next Generation and Energized: Taking the Next Generation to the Next level. Both documentaries are directed by Roger Lay, Jr and feature new interviews with the cast and key creative personnel of the iconic television drama.

“The work these folks have put into bringing TNG to life in HD is just remarkable. The crew behind this set are not phoning their efforts in, and their work, love and dedication to this series is simply wonderful, not to mention invaluable and inspiring. To be frank, if you’re a fan of Trek, you’d be doing yourself a great disservice if you skipped this.”
- RL Shaffer, IGN

“CBS have clearly gone out of their way to create the “definitive” edition of TNG here. The STARDATE REVISITED series of documentaries covering the creation of the show are unparalleled in their detail – almost no stone is left unturned. I cannot recommend the set highly enough. I can guarantee: you won’t be disappointed!”
-  Adam Walker, Trek Core

“Also shepherded by Roger lay Jr. and Robert Meyer Burnett, STARDATE REVISITED is brilliantly realized and affectionately approached. It’s a fast paced insight into the creation and execution of TNG, by a team which clearly holds vast appreciation for the source material – one even gets the sense Lay and Burnett love the very process of bringing this documentary to life. SR is touching, honest, fun, quick, and hugely informative. SR manages to be an education unto itself, in addition to being, perhaps, the most enjoyable, comprehensive, and informative documentaries on the making of STAR TREK I’ve ever come across. I’ve already watched it twice, and can’t wait to see what wonders future installments will bring our way.”
- Glen Oliver, Ain’t It Cool News

“There is just so much good stuff in STARDATE REVISITED that I don’t want to spoil a moment of it for you. It’s a joy and a thrill from start to finish. Lay and Burnett have clearly poured a tremendous amount of love, experience and expertise into these documentaries and they deserve the highest possible thanks for it. They’re just a treat – every fan of this series needs to experience them.”
- Bill Hunt,

“These are wonderfully candid interviews and don’t feel promotional in the least… strikingly amazing!”
 – Aaron Peck, High Def Digest

“Colorful, concise and casual, STARDATE REVISITED is a fascinating journey that fans will really enjoy, and one that I’ll probably return to on several occasions…and what’s more, the best is yet to come! Very, very Highly Recommended.”
- Randy Miller, DVDTalk

“A no-brainer for inclusion near the top of 2012’s “best of” list and the release earns my highest recommendation. Paramount’s done a great job on this set. The picture quality is superb, the audio excellent, and the supplements unbeatable. Trekkies will want to buy it immediately, fans of great Blu-ray and television should buy it quickly, and anyone who’s ever wanted to jump into STAR TREK may as well jump in…”
- Martin Liebman,

“Those who like Star Trek, who always wanted to buy a Blu-ray player now have the perfect incentive.”
- Bernd Schneider, Ex Astris Scientia

The complete first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation Remastered in glorious high definition is now available on blu-ray from CBS Home Entertainment. For an in-depth look at the set and an interview with Roger Lay, Jr visit Also check out this week’s episode of Slice of Sci-Fi for an exclusive audio interview celebrating TNG’s 25th anniversary.

For Trek fans who couldn’t attend San Diego Comic Con 2012 here’s some coverage from the Star trek TNG panel and press coference via treknews, movieviral, and

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