Sergeant Hollis, a troubled young man in a world that has been at war for sixteen years, reveals to his commanding officer that he has invented a device to do away with the weapons of the world. Is Hollis serious, or is he delusional? If he has come up with a way to eliminate warfare, it will destroy the General’s perfect world — could that really happen? The world is about to find out. Based on the short story written by the great Ray Bradbury, and included in his book Long After Midnight.





USA 18 November 2005 (Deep Ellum Film Festival)
USA 1 February 2006 (Cinequest Online Film Festival)
USA 4 February 2006 (Science Fiction Short Film Festival)
USA 28 May 2006 (Balticon)
USA 22 July 2006 (Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival)
UK June 2007 (Space4 shorts film festival)
USA October 2007 (TV premiere)
USA February 2008 (Boston Science Fiction Film Festival)
USA February 2009 (Phoenix Comic Con Film Festival)
USA 19 September 2009 (Fencon Sci-Fi Convention, Dallas)